heart chakra


Sanskrit Name: Anahata
(meaning ‘unstruck‘)

Location: Center of the chest

Color: Emerald Green

Element: Air

Function: Love, wisdom, stability, perseverance, mental patience and equilibrium, or pleasure

Inner State: Compassion, love

Glands: Thymus gland, controlling the immune system.

Body parts: The heart and blood circulatory system, the cardiac plexus, as well as the lungs and the entire chest area.

Sense: Touch

Gems and Minerals: Emerald, green tourmaline, rose quartz

Malfunction: Asthma, blood pressure, heart disease, lung disease

To Awaken and Balance: Meditating, practising yoga or other bodily techniques, by swimming regularly (because water has healing powers)

The challenge of the fourth chakra is to open ourselves up to the nonjudgmental, unattached vibration of universal love.

The natural feeling at the heart chakra is deep radiating warmth. The essence power is love.

When we are in tune with the natural rhythm of our heart and experience the warm, nurturing glow that it generates, we know we are connected to the Source of all healing and spiritual power. We are able to surrender to, unconditionally accept and delightfully enjoy life as it presents itself moment to moment. We are in love with life and that is more than enough to make us happy and at peace with ourselves, each other and the world.

The sense related to the heart chakra is ‘touch‘ in its aspect of relating to the person inside the body and distinct from the sensation of the third chakra, which is more about the sensation one feels from his own body. Hugging, therefore, is a heart chakra activity. When one hugs, one is aware of what the person inside the other body feels and they are aware of what you feel inside your body. Sensitivity about being touched indicates heart chakra sensitivity.