Root Chakra


Sanskrit Name: Mulahadra
(derived from mula meaning ‘root‘ and ‘adhara‘ meaning ‘base or support‘)

Location: The base of the spine

Color: Red

Element: Earth

Function: Survival, grounding,
sexuality (for men)

Inner State: Stability

Glands: Adrenals

Body parts: Legs, feet, bones,
large intestine

Sense: Smell

Gems and Minerals: Ruby, red jasper, garnet

Malfunction: Violence, anger, survival fears, constipation, hemorrhoids, obesity

To Awaken and Balance: Spend some time each day sitting directly on the earth. Dance!

The function and the challenge of the root chakra is to feel connected to and secure in physical reality-our body and Planet Earth. The natural feeling at the first chakra is solid, stable, still, passive, grounded.

It is supposedly called ‘the anchor of the spirit’ and is related to a substance (located along the spinal column), that keeps the body in shape and when it does not function, diseases appear and the body enters into a process of deterioration.

Symptoms or tensions in the parts of the body controlled by this chakra indicate tensions in the parts of the person’s consciousness related to this chakra. Some tension here is experienced as insecurity as a general perceptual filter. More tension is experienced as fear. More than that is experienced as a threat to survival.

The essence power that we acquire when our first chakra is activated and balanced is absolute stillness. When we can truly be still, we are aware of our own presence, we can instinctually feel our own body and our physical surroundings, we can completely relax and rest, we feel at home in our body, on Earth, wherever we are.