about you

Answer questions honestly, but also respond with the FIRST thing that comes to your mind!

1. You are on a ship that is sinking. You jump into the water and come to a life raft. As you are getting in, how many other people are there already in the raft?

2. The raft takes you to an island on which a city is located. You have the choice to go straight to the city, go to a room and rest for only a little while, then get up and go to the city, or rest for as long as you want then go to the city. What do you do?

3. When you get to the city you come upon a beautiful castle. You are climbing a long elaborate staircase. As you ascend you see someone out of the corner of your eye. You recognize him/her but only briefly. It’s someone you know or have known. Who is it?

4. You are on the way to see somebody famous. Describe two physical characteristics of him/her.

5. On the way you come to dining room with a long table, draped in white linens. There is a silver chalice of wine on the table there for you. Is it full, 1/2 full, or 3/4 full?

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