There are three bases for interpreting the drawings, namely: the relationship between the shape in the box and the drawing; the content of the drawing; and the way the drawing is executed.

Box 1. “EGO”

This drawing relates to your sense of “self”. If you emphasize the dot figure, you have a strong sense of self-identity and love being “different”. However, if your drawing blends the little circle with other motifs, you prefer to be like everyone else.

Box 2: “HOME”

Your drawing here relates to your feelings about your house/home.

What you draw inside and outside the corner square, and the direction in which the lines travel, reflect how you feel at home, and away from home.


This square relates to your feelings about your friends and what friendship means to you. For example, if you connect the parallel lines, it indicates that you form strong bonds with your friends.


This square relates to your ability to adapt to the environment; i.e., do you blend in as if you are a wave in the ocean, or do you prefer to stand aloof and apart?


The black square is a symbol of danger, fear and fault. Your drawing reflects your attitude to problems, obstacles, difficulties and danger.


This sign itself represents an embryo, and the space around it is the world of people. Hence, this square shows the relationships of your inner child with the world outside.


This square relates to your motivation in life, your future plans and ambitions. Do the lines have an upward or downward trajectory? Are they cut off, or continuous?


These lines represent obstacles in your way. Your drawing will reflect how you cope with set-backs, and also show whether you choose a strategy of achieving success, or one of avoiding failure.


The lines in this square are of the same origin, but head in different directions. They reflect your relationships with people close to you; for instance, if you connect the lines to form a frame, it means you have strong bonds with them.


This square relates to your attitude regarding sexuality; for instance, if you draw a third line covering the top of the parallel lines, you have conservative values on this topic.


Here, a set of dots form a curved line. What you draw in the box will reflect your susceptibility to inner and outer stimuli; for instance, if you connect the dots to form a solid curve, it shows that you are not so vulnerable in life.

Box 12: “HARMONY”

Here, the curved line is the symbol of harmony and protection. Your drawing will reflect your feelings regarding satisfaction and security in your life; for instance, if you complete the arc into a circle, it shows that you have a tendency to withdraw into yourself as a method of protection.

Box 13: “CHANGES”

This dot represents you in a new or changed environment. Do you stand apart, or form connections? Do you try to protect yourself from change, or do you remain open and receptive to it?


Just a blank box to fill in with whatever you imagine. Your innermost self is revealed here!