~please click on the image for some notes on the illusion~

If you see the woman turning clockwise, the right hemisphere of your brain (which processes intuitively, holistically and randomly) is dominant.

 However, if you see her turning counter-clockwise, the left hemisphere of your brain (which is the seat of language and processes in a logical and sequential order) dominates.

Some people can see the movement both ways, who are supposed to have high IQ levels.

~please click on the image for some notes on the illusion~

When you cover up the center of the image with your hand, the dots will appear to speed up. On the other hand, if you cover up the edges, the dots will appear to have slowed down.

Try moving the mouse cursor up and down
the center of the image slowly and focus on the cursor.
You should see the picture ‘waving’ in an incredible way.

As you stare, rings of snakes appear to rotate.

As you stare at the yellow circle in the center,
outer rings will start to rotate.

Stare at the rug for a while and
it will appear to be sinking in the middle!

Stare at the center of the image whilst moving your head from left to right and you will see a pulsating heart.

If you concentrate hard enough on the image center, after a while all three yellow dots will disappear!

Which direction is the sphere turning?

Focus on the flashing green spot at the center of the image and yellow dots will start to disappear. At one point they start reappearing randomly.

Concentrate on the center dot for a minute or two, and you’ll experience an interesting effect!

Stare at the black dot for 30 seconds and the haze will start to disappear.

Stare at the center of the image and the hole will appear to expand.

Which way is the wheel turning!?
Focus on the red dots,
it appears to be rotating anti-clockwise.
However, if you follow the yellow dots round,
the wheel will be turning the other way!

Which direction are the spokes turning?

If you concentrate on the black cross in the center of the animation, the spinning dot will aggressively turn to yellow.

If you concentrate on the moon,
yellow stars will gradually start to disappear.

Move your head around while looking at this picture,
or use the scroll bar on the side of this page.

Watch how the addition of shadows
makes a difference in the movement
although the original drawing remains unchanged.

no shadow




Scroll this image up and down
and you will get really strange result!
It looks like the doors are alive!