Letter #1




First of all, I should ask you not to ever feel the stress of cliché norms while interacting with me. However difficult, I have a life devoted to stand exactly as myself — as a silent rebel against the pressures of the collective consciousness that limits one’s individual or interactive potential and shapes all into a mass of uniformity! Believe me, I am interested in the common essence that unites us all, never with forms and shapes and at the core level, we are all so close that differences that separate us now dissolve into obscurity…

Sweetheart, one thing you shouldn’t forget is that somebody else’s path or journey never exactly coincides with yours. Knowledge you accumulate through interaction with other people can only serve to help you find your own unique path. As you live within a frame of awareness, you will get to realize your own life plan and will attract experiences along that line.

You should be particularly aware of painful experiences, as they each carry a special ‘message’ to you — a message which signals that there is something about your own-self you haven’t conquered yet and, sadly, you find yourself dwelling in situations with an increasing accent of pain each time, until you succeed in that particular ‘lesson’.

I believe that one’s path and journey become clear as s/he takes part in her/his life to the full, not by trying to resolve things in her/his mind based on what s/he reads or hears. I agree that it is essential to form and feed our chain of thoughts in order to adjust to physical circumstances, but, to me, the path of our spiritual development is through our feelings. So, please choose to live sensing all there is around you, but try to feel within your very cells. This is the miracle all teachings try to inspire upon us. They all use different words to describe one plain truth, but as you embrace life with more and more love, you are actually living that truth silently, anyway.

My only suggestion to you at this point is this: Please don’t force changes in your life in a hurry and as much as possible, try to join in the natural course of events. When the ‘right’ time comes, what you have to let go will somehow leave your life. If you try to change yourself in a major sense when you are not ready, instead of establishing your inner balances, you will be causing serious turmoils, please don’t!

With my love,



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