Letter #2


Hi sweetheart,

In fact, everybody is seeking to realise her/his position in her/his own life — the reason behind her/his existence on this platform, but for those who can’t see beyond the ‘matter’, this pursuit takes the form of drifting from one marginal experience to another.

If one only knew that what makes all there is so meaningful is love, the biggest present we are bestowed with! Love, but not with the common, deteriorated, degenerated meaning of the word. If a person can permeate in her/his life the potential of love to reach the realisation that we are all ‘one’ in essence, s/he will be able to appreciate the wonder in the most ordinary event, even under the saddest circumstances.

Please devote yourself to understand love, as love holds the key to facing life in the most natural way. Please choose to get wise in love…

If you permit, there are quite a few books I can suggest, including works of Khalil Gibran, Krishnamurti, Richard Bach, to name just a few…

I believe, as you read, there will be many fine questions arising and we will talk, seeking for answers together.

With my love,



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