Letter #5




It took me forty years to realise that I care about everybody else but myself, I love everybody else but myself! All so many years, I thought my purpose in life was to make people around me happy. I was ready to hurt inside as long as I did not hurt anybody or turn back their demands of me. Yes, I was hurt far too often; but now I know it wasn’t ‘them’ hurting me, it was ‘me’!

It was as if I passed through a threshold of pain one night, just to wake up to a different level of consciousness. Just like a child learning to walk, I set out to learn to love myself, to be my own best friend –as there is none outside! When I say I have peace within me, I am talking about this ‘heaven’ of isolation. Otherwise, no doubt, there are so many things in the world I wish to be different. I am just trying to learn to accept things as they are and love ‘all’ as it is!

Each moment lived is speaking of life anyway, only if we care to listen!

Thanks for listening…

With my love,



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