Letter #7

24 July 1999

“It was dark,
and the night was crying with me…
Then, sunlight touched my face
like a lover’s loving hand,
and my tears became happiness…
Smiles blossomed where they fell,
and hope, rooted deep down once more…
My eyes witnessed a world of feast for the first time
clouds dancing to the rhythm of the raindrops…
I heard the enchanting melody of the nature
and a prayer sent to heavens.
All creatures were spell-bound in love,
alas, not a human being in sight…”


My Friend,

My mind and all my feelings seem paralysed recently and I want to blame it on the weather- it would have been more worrying without an excuse!..

“Words don’t come easy”, once more… I feel tired of so many things… So, maybe it is as well that I will be taking my summer leave at the end of this week (I will be away for 3 or 4 weeks “hopefully” relaxing somewhere by the sea.) So it seems we will be “cut-off” for a while.

I will get in touch with you the moment I am back in Ankara. Meanwhile please discover and keep the peace within you.

Please don’t lose faith…

Love always,