Mark Holland & Allan Combs

Carl Jung used the term “synchronicity” to describe meaningful coincidences that traditional ideas of time and cause and effect chains could not explain. Working with the great quantum physicist Wolfgang Pauli, Jung sought to explain these coincidences as phenomena involving mind and matter, science and spirit. Thus, he tried to obtain logical explanations for parapsychological events such as telepathy, foresight, and intuition.

The ‘synchronicity‘ deals with the work of Jung and Pauli, as well as the work of renowned scientists Paul Kammerer, Werner Heisenberg and David Bohm. The authors elaborate on the issue of synchronicity depicted in ancient and modern mythologies, particularly the Greek myth of the ‘TricksterHermes. Their unique, transdisciplinary approach full of anecdotes from daily life and literature offers an intelligent exploration of this complex concept, in the process of peering into the hidden model of nature.

Science, Myth and Nature

Synchronicity and Science

Hermes the Trickster