Yunus Emre (1238-1320 A.D.)

The great Turkish poet and mystic…

Yunus Emre is a great mystic folk poet who gave expression to the ingenuities of Islamic mysticism in plain language but with deep penetration and freedom of style.

He was an Anatolian humanist who honored human and who thought that all humans were equal. He explained life and death, and the universe on the principle of the “Absolute Being”. He meditated on the subjects of Allah, divine love, existence and non-existence, life and death; he emphasized the transitory nature of this world and expressed the belief that it was impossible to reach the absolute truth merely through science but also true love of human and respect to life on Earth.

He was one of the greatest in Turkish literature by conveying the philosophy of Islamic mysticism in a simple language, but with an exceptionally beautiful style.

All his works are collected in two books; “Risaletun Nushiyye” and the “Divan”.

Year 1991 was announced by UNESCO as “The International Yunus Emre Year” in commemoration of 750th anniversary of his birth.

poems of Yunus Emre